Life hack your period

Learn how to use each month to connect deeply to yourself as you Dream, Do, Give and Take. Through journaling, tracking, meditation and embodied guided self-learning, this is where the magic happens. Exploring your cycle powers creates the foundation for more self-love, more productivity, better relationships and better boundaries.

  • 1 YEAR access to cycle support

  • Explore benefits and challenges of each phase

  • Learn how life hack (and LOVE) yourself through each phase

  • Dive deeper into journaling through your cycle

  • Connect with your true self

What's included

I'll walk you through each phase with video coaching, music and written content. But, that's not all! So, what spoils can you expect on this very special course?

  • Journaling Prompts & Guided Meditation

    In each phase, you will be encouraged to explore yourself deeper through journaling prompts. I've designed these prompts, based on my own experiences through my cycles and the women I have worked with, to challenge and discover what each phase brings to your power set.

  • Discussion and Support

    Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to share and ask me questions, which I will gladly answer. The discussion forum is a direct line of contact with me, and I encourage everyone to use it!

  • Downloadable Tracking Chart, Hormone Graph and more

    I've included downloadable resources into this deep dive course. Gain key insights and better understanding into you with my Tracking Chart template. Use my Dream, Do, Give, Take Cycle Graph to better understand your hormones and navigate each phase.

Start Exploring Today

Discover how the four phases of the cycle work for YOU and truly life hack your period.

Course curriculum

This course is for you if you already understand how the cycle works and you are ready to take it to the next level. Here's an overview of what we'll be working on.

  • 2

    The Dream Phase

  • 3

    The Do Phase

    • Introducing the Do Phase

    • Nurturing your Do power

    • Channeling your Do Phase power

    • Owning your drive

    • Challenges of the Do Phase

    • Scaffolding for the Give Phase

    • Do quiz...

  • 4

    The Give Phase

    • Introducing the Give Phase

    • A Little bit more Cycle Science

    • How do you know you're in the Give phase?

    • Nurturing your Give power

    • Channelling your Give Phase power

    • Challenges for the Give phase

    • Scaffolding for the Take Phase

  • 5

    The Take Phase

    • Introducing the Take Phase

    • How do you feel?

    • Challenges of the Take Phase

    • Nurturing your Take power

    • Reframing your Take Phase

    • Channeling your Take Phase power

    • Scaffolding for the Dream Phase

  • 6


    • What if I don't feel my powers?

    • What next?