On every day of your cycle, you are enough.

You were made this way for a reason. If you have a cycle, you are a dynamic creature. Just like the tide, your hormones change throughout your cycle, which means your needs, strengths, moods, energy levels, YOU change throughout your cycle. Every day, you are enough. Understand and channel this to Meet Your Power and you’ll never look back.

  • Learn about the different cycle hormones and their impact on your body and emotions

  • Discover how to track your menstrual cycle, and how to plan and play to your powers

  • Support and celebrate YOU just the way you are

Inclusive and welcoming

Bec , 32

"I love how inclusive and welcoming Lucy is. Including an acknowledgement that not all women have periods and not all people with periods are women is so great! I wish I had had this kind of education when I first got my period!"

Positive periods

Elena, 13

"You talked about periods being something useful and powerful rather than a nuisance and something just to put up with. I also found the explanation of cycle tracking really good because on my own I wouldn't have had any idea where to start"

Re-frame and find period magic

Emma, 37

"I wish I had a resource like this when I was a teenager! I've only really started learning about my cycle since TTC and it still blows my mind. Since starting IVF I have become quite angry at my body. Each period signifies failure, grief, lost hope. I'm trying to re-frame this and find some period magic. "

Meet Your Power Today!

Start your jouney with Lucy in an introduction to your Cycle Powers.

"I value how you normalised periods and being a woman in the most reassuring way. I've learned so so much ..."

Sophie Nichols, 13

Course curriculum

Here is a little overview of what we'll be working on.

  • 1

    Welcome to Meet Your Power

  • 2

    How Your Body Works

    • When you've just started your period or it's a bit stop start

    • Cycle Journaling

    • Cycle Science

    • Cycle Science - Did you get that?

  • 3

    Meet Your Power

    • Your wonderful womb

    • Your four phases

    • Get curious about YOU

  • 4

    Cycle Tracking

    • What day are you?

    • Cycle tracking

    • Cycle Sign In

    • What's next?